About our Company

How it Started

In the Spring of 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic hit the United States unlike anything we have experienced forcing people to stay home.  For many of us our homes became our offices, our schools and our only place for social interactions.  Our two founders were talking one day and they were commenting on how the needs for home maintenance have surpassed what is readily available in the market place. They both needed help at home and they could not find what they needed in the internet.  All they found were house cleaning services which required a designated amount time for specific chores on a specific day and a per hour basis.  That is not what they needed. 

They actually needed an extra set of hands to help them with whatever the house needed at the exact moment. For example, this week Shaunee needed someone to clean her bathroom, mop her floor and help her re-arrange the children rooms to better suite their school work.  Jaquie on the other hands needed traditional house-keeping services – she  needed someone to help her organize her home office which she had not left for over four months.  They said to each other “there is nothing like this in the marketplace, we cannot be the only ones who needs more than just a house cleaner.” There must be other people with the same needs.” THEY COULD NOT FIND IT… SO THEY BUILD IT!

MaidNance – Revolutionizing the way people care for their homes.

What you need when you need it.

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Areas we Service

We are Women Owned and Operated: MaidNance is owned and operated by two women with a combined two decades of experience in the home maintenance industry.

We are Transparent in our billing process. At MaidNance we take pride in our billing process and the competitiveness of our pricing structure. We are always upfront about our pricing, explaining costs, fees and specific deliverables so you can be sure our invoices reflect the specific services delivered at a very competitive cost

We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured: While damage is highly unlikely, we know that it does occur and in order to protect our clients, MaidNance maintains a $10 Million insurance policy that covers our clients. We are bonded, insured, licensed and certified. 

We Value Customer Satisfaction: At MaidNance customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We offer excellent detailed, and highly skilled and guaranteed service for all your home maintenance needs. 

WE are Locally Owned and Operated: We are a locally owned and operated company and we understand the needs of families like us. We have assembled a group of associates, selected to deliver the high standards of professionalism expected by our clients. 

We are Eco-Friendly: We use green products that are kind to the earth and our business processes are designed to reduce our carbon footprint and keep waste products from our landfills. We have eliminated all paper waste in our cleaning process and have reduced our environmental impact wherever possible. We have the best and most durable tools that withstand years of use, that way less of our tools end up in the waste stream. Lastly, we use 4 stage HEPA, micro-filtration vacuums in our green home cleaning processes. These vacuums are proven to reduce indoor allergens and other airborne pollutants.

We have Amazing Customer Service: Our customer service is designed to make your life easier. Dealing with us is stress free. All you need to do is open a free account, and whenever you need a service you simply send an email and your personal dedicated MaidNance associate assigned to you will respond promptly and deliver the service with a smile and at a cost you can afford. We do not over charge, we do not nickle and dime you, you always know what the cost is before the service is rendered and if it takes more time than anticipated, no worries because your satisfaction is what matters.


  • MaidNance Residential Associates (MRA) are individually selected to deliver the highest  standards of professionalism expected by our clients.
  • We will always discuss your personal home maintenance requirements with you including all the hard to clean areas and create a cleaning schedule just for you.
  • All services are conducted by our full time, checked, vetted & trained associates.
  • You can select any frequency from daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and one-offs.
  • Meet your assigned MRA before they start any service and normally you may have the same MRA or team of MRAs each week as you desire.
  • Key holding, so you can get on with your life while we clean your house.
  • Your assigned MRA will arrive uniformed individually or in teams of 2 as appropriate.
  • MRA back up service in case an MRA is unable to clean due to sickness or holiday.

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